1. Anyone who lives in San Diego County may enter

  2. ​$20 entry fee paid by 11:59pm on July 31st, 2016

  3. The 5 best transformations between Aug 1st and Aug 30th will be posted on our Instagram page to be voted on. The picture with the most likes in 24 hours wins!

  4. For full details click here!

Please read the entire description of rules very carefully before entering our 30 day challenge. Below is a brief description of the rules. Click "more" to read the full description.

  • Before and after photos must have a newspaper in the photo with the dates listed below
  • Your before photo must have the newspaper dates of either Aug 1st or Aug 2nd, 2016.
  • Your after photo must have the newspaper dates of either Aug 30th or Aug 31st, 2016

Challenge Details

Basic Rules:

Congratulations to the winner of our Oct/Nov 30 Day Challenge @charlieee__g and the grand prize of $500! Great work! Click "more" below to see our previous Grand Prize winners

Our 30 Day Transformation Challenge is a fun and rewarding way to motivate San Diegans to begin a life changing transformation or push a current transformation harder! Join us as we strive to make San Diego the fittest city in the nation by joining our next 30 Day Challenge Aug 1st - Aug 30th!

Great work to all of the finalists who entered our 30 Day Challenge! Click "more" below to see everyone who has made the final 5! 

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